END OF THE RAINBOW (Mickey Deans):

"Robert Teasdale plays the fiance, Mickey Deans, balancing the outward appearance of a smooth nightclub manager and backstage fixer with controlling boyfriend in what appears to be a loveless union from the start. He's not always sympathetic and even comes off as shallow and basically mean, just how the part is written. This is a limited man who is vastly overmatched by his partner and the circumstances, and Teasdale pulls that off."- Andrew Meacham, Tampa Bay Times


PIRATES OF PENZANCE (Sergeant of Police): 

"As for the performances they are all top-notched...The Sergeant of Police (the imposing Robert Teasdale) is a bizarre Blue Meanie of a droid...And the Police Droid... is played by the child Will Garrabrant...Every time they appear together, it's giddy-laughter time..."-Peter Nason, BWW St. Petersburg. 

"Teasdale is fun as the nervous police sergeant...and moves with the robotic stiffness of C3PO (a perfect match with traditional character and spoof)."-Jay Handleman, Herald-Tribune 


ASSASSINS (Leon Czolgosz):

"This cast could not be better...Robert Teasdale is quite accomplished as Leon Czolgosz, William McKinley's assassin."-Peter Nason, BWW St. Petersburg 


"Robert Teasdale is likewise perfect as his foil, Inspector Javert. Tall and imposing, Teasdale brings a touching vulnerablility to Javert, who suffers from a tragic sense of justice. He speak-sings the beginning of his song, "Stars," but as the number progresses, the lines become longer and more powerful as Javert becomes more resolute in his conviction that he is who he is."- Jen Poiry-Prough, WhatzUp Magazine 



"Robert Teasdale is a brash and manly Victor Fleming, barking out his lines with confidence and panache. He also has the funniest lines, and he delivers them brillantly."- Jen Poiry-Prough, WhatzUp Magazine


GO, DOG, GO! (MC Dog):

“From the show’s earliest moments, actor Robert Teasdale sets the tone for the show. He provides a brilliant mix of prepared material, improvisation, ad-lib and slapstick through audience interaction...As delighted children yell additional comments, he handles these unexpected moments with a smiling sense of humor and a well-coiled wit.”- Dean Poling, Valdosta Daily Times



“Robert Teasdale as James, the cop, with his bell like quality tenor voice, sang "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day." You could hear the audience nearly holding their breath listening to this smooth as molasses voice. Hopefully, we will hear more from Teasdale in future shows.”- Marsha Reiniers, Tampa Tribune



“Standout moments in this show come with...the wonderful "Ruby, Baby" in fine old quartet style led by Teasdale.”- J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus